About Me

Hi!! My name is Joette and I am the owner of Crafts and Cocktails. I started this small business almost a 1 year ago because I was suffering from terriable back pain which led to back surgery. Due to that, I would not be able to continue my full-time career as a makeup artist, so I found a new passion. I love creating things and bringing joy to others as I did with makeup. I believe in the power of positivity and always strive to spread kindness wherever I go. I have been through hard times, like many of us have and throughout those times I always believed in a quote "Be Not Afraid" I believed in it so much that I got a tattoo lol.

I want each and every person who wears my t-shirts to feel empowered and remember that laughter TRULY is the best thing. I also hope that through my T-shirts and crafts, I can inspire and empower others to overcome their struggles and live their best lives. As I embark on this new journey with my small business, I'm excited to see where it takes me. REMEMBER "BE NOT BE AFRAID!